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Trevor’s diverse background ranges from co-founding two early stage investment firms, to designing high performance batteries for the Navy, to developing alloys for biomedical implants. As the principal engineer in the Technology Development Division of Kurion, Inc he was responsible for the development of radioactive wastewater treatment technologies used at Fukushima.

He has lectured and published in the areas of venture capital, entrepreneurship, advanced materials, environmental engineering, and radiochemistry, and holds a patent for making carbon nanopipes and ductwork with nanomeric walls. He is dedicated to using his diverse technical and entrepreneurial background to support all facets of early stage venture development.

Trevor frequently serves as an instructor, mentor, and judge for a variety of institutions including the Department of Energy, Stanford University, and MIT. He completed a post-graduate research appointment at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and holds a M.S. in Environmental Engineering from Clemson University and a B.A. in Chemistry from Alfred University. 



Prior to joining Blackhorn, Philip was co-founder and CEO of PAX Pure, an industrial water treatment company. He led the company from early prototyping and seed financing, to securing a large strategic partner for an in-field pilot treatment plant.

For the past five years Philip has been an investor and advisor focusing on water technology, energy, and bioscience. Philip’s interest in early stage ventures started with his appreciation for the natural world. This grew with his first job out of college, working at The Biomimicry Institute in Montana, which helped team engineers with biologists to create the next generation of clean technologies. 

Philip has a diverse educational background, which includes studies in America, England, Switzerland, China, and New Zealand, and an MBA in Sustainable Management from Presidio Graduate School. 

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After a successful career as an operating leader for public and private companies, Jack began advising early-stage companies in 2003. His investments, board memberships, and advisory positions are in the areas of information technology, clean technology, and medical technology.

Jack has served as CFO for emerging companies including NextBio. a big-data genomics company, Motiv Power Systems, a commercial electric vehicle company, and ForteBio, a private life sciences technology company. Previously, he held leadership positions at public and private companies including IPWireless and Lumitrend, both of which yielded successful exits.

Previously in his career, Jack held several senior positions with Becton Dickinson & Company including Vice President Worldwide Marketing and was an Engagement Manager with McKinsey & Company, where he focused on healthcare.

In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Jack is a Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Stanford University. He holds an AB in Engineering Sciences from Dartmouth College and an MBA from Stanford University. 

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Jordanna is an investor, technologist, and entrepreneur.  She has invested in areas including big data, predictive analytics, healthcare, and engineering design, and has taken an active role in moving several companies from ideation to commercialization.

Previously, Jordanna was the founding Director of Development at, where she led development teams and designed and implemented monetization strategies that resulted in several spin-off companies. In 1999, she founded Lucidity Inc., an early peer-to-peer payment platform.  She served on the board of Provide Commerce through its IPO and 2006 acquisition. Her background also includes several years of consulting related to emerging technologies and security. 

Jordanna holds a Sc.M. from the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management, and an A.B. from Harvard University in Physics and Mathematics. 

While a student, she gained a tremendous appreciation for the front-lines of applied science through her experiences as a Research Assistant in nanotechnology, in behavioral economics, and in Artificial Intelligence.  




Mark is a Director Emeritus at McKinsey & Company where he helped design and launch their business development and growth strategies in Africa, Latin America, and the US. Mark has led more than 100 individual growth initiatives and helped launch more than thirty new business, product, and service development offerings spanning industries including energy, banking, pulp and paper, consumer goods, retailing, food service,, social sector, and professional services.

Mark began his career at Procter & Gamble Company where he developed his passion and experience for creating new products and businesses. 

Mark holds a bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree with an emphasis on energy systems from the Georgia Institute of Technology and an MBA from the Harvard Business School. He currently lives and works in Boulder, Colorado.



Dr. Raymond Levitt is Kumagai Professor of Engineering Emeritus at Stanford University, recalled to active duty 50% time, and Director of the Global Projects Center at Stanford. He teaches classes and conducts research on organization, governance and entrepreneurship in Stanford's Sustainable Design and Construction program.  He served as Chair of Stanford’s Faculty Senate from 2012-13.

Dr. Levitt founded and directs Stanford’s Global Projects Center (GPC), which conducts research and executive education focused on the financing, governance and sustainability of global building and infrastructure projects. In 2017, he launched a new GPC initiative to explore and create disruptive business opportunities arising from the collection, integration and analysis of “big data” from multiple, public and private sources in emerging “Digital Cities.”

Ray is a long-time member and current President of the Farmers Investment Club, an angel investment group of 20 Stanford faculty, staff and affiliates. He co-founded and served as a Director of Rackwise, Inc., until shortly before it became a public company in 2011. He co-founded and served as Chairman of Design Power, Inc., acquired by Bentley Systems in 2007. He founded and launched Vité Corporation and served as its initial CEO and Chairman; Vité’s SimVision Software was acquired by ePM, LLC in 2002.

From 2008-2014 Dr. Levitt served as a Commissioner of California's Public Infrastructure Advisory Commission, to channel private investment and expertise into California’s aging transportation infrastructure through public-private partnership (PPP) concessions. He was elected a Distinguished Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers in 2008, and was inducted into the National Academy of Construction in 2013.

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Camille Preston is an expert in leadership, management, and productivity, who offers keynote speaking, training, and coaching services. She has more than twenty years of experience guiding business executives, policy makers, and individuals to new heights of leadership and performance. Her clients include individuals and teams at organizations like GE, Harvard University, and the U.S. Army. 

In 2004, Camille founded AIM Leadership, a leadership development and coaching firm dedicated to improving individual, team, and organizational effectiveness. She is the author of Rewired: How to Work Smarter, Live Better, and Be Purposefully Productive in an Overwired World.

Based in Boston, Camille is an avid runner, yogi, and adventure traveler. She has worked on five continents and traveled to 39 countries. She lives in Cambridge with her husband, Mark, and their two children Preston and Adeline.



Jonathan has more than 35 years of experience in private wealth management and philanthropy. Over his career, he has developed a close association with numerous single and multi-family offices along with private trust groups, throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.  He is also aligned with the many support organizations that assist with advising ultra-high net worth individuals, families, and foundations. Based on his personal and professional experience, he brings a broad base of qualitative and quantitative knowledge.

In recent years, Jonathan's primary focus has been cultivating relationships with strategic partners and value-added advisors to focus on the enhancement of the environment through impact investment opportunities in agriculture, water, and clean energy solutions. 

Jonathan's diverse educational background includes a bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Denver. He continued his studies in Nonprofit Management at Regis University in Denver, attended the National Trust School of the American Bankers Association, and studied Foundations of Finance at the Amsterdam Institute of Finance.